Information on
Currier and Ives
The Currier & Ives pattern was first produced in late 1949 and early
1950.   Currier and Ives was the most important pattern that was
produced by Royal China Company.  Currier & Ives was made in only five
colors: blue, green, pink, brown, and black.  The pattern on the
dinnerware was Currier & Ives prints.  Each plate had a different scene.  
The dinner plates all have the same print, the salad plate has a different
scene, along with the pie plate, saucers, bread and butters all have a
different scene.  In the 50’s they were distributed as premiums at the A &
P stores.  This must be where my mother bought hers, as we used this
dinnerware when I was growing up.  Currier & Ives has been a good
collectable at malls and flea markets around the country.  I found this
information in the Dinnerware Book of the 20th Century: The Top 500
patterns. By Harry L. Rinker written in 1997.

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