Information on American
American Fostoria is one of the most popular patterns of
Fostoria.  It was made from 1915 until 1986 when Fostoria
closed.  There are more different items in American Fostoria than
any other Fostoria pattern.  There are many pieces that a
beginning collector can find and then there are also a lot of items
than an experienced collector may try to find.  The American
Fostoria pattern was originally made in only crystal.  The other
colors that were made are ebony, canary, green ruby, amber, blue
& milk glass.  Some of the pieces that are harder to find are: water
bottle, dinner bell, biscuit jar, glove box, straw jar, pickle jar,
banana split dish, and a molasses can.  American Fostoria was
made in Moundsville, West Virginia.  
This information was taken from The Elegant Glass Book Early,
Depression, And Beyond written by Debbie and Randy Coe.

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