Information on Noritake
The Azalea pattern was produced for only the Larkin Company.  They
gave the Azalea pattern away as premiums to the club members and their
home agents.  Azalea was made between 1916 and 1930.  Azalea was fine
china and decorated with pink azaleas on a white background with gold
around the edges and on the handles.  All together they have made 70
different pieces.  Some of the pieces are rare such as the bulbous vase,
pancake jug, china ashtray and the 15 piece child’s set.  The earliest
mark was a ‘M’ in a wreath.  Later they marked it ‘Noritake, Azalea, Hand
Painted Japan.  The Larkin Company was in Buffalo, New York.  The
company’s name was changed to Noritake Company Limited in 1981.

This is a very pretty pattern.  Being from Georgia where we have beautiful
Azalea in the spring, we are partial to this pattern.

Resource: This information was taken from Schroeder’s Antiques Price
Guide 2008.

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