Information on Candlewick
by Imperial Glass
Candlewick was made by Imperial Glass Company between 1936
and 1982.  The president of Imperial Glass Co purchased a piece
of French glass.  He took the piece to the factory and had his
employees develop a mould.  This new glass had glass balls on the
edges.  Imperial then decided to name the glass pattern
Candlewick after a colonial sewing technique that also had balls
along the edges.   Candlewick became a household name among
American women.  Candlewick became Imperial’s most extensive
line.  There are over 700 items in this line.

Parts of this article were taken from Candlewick:  The Crystal Line
by Myrna and Bob Garrison.  Schiffer publishing 2003 also used
was Elegant Glass 2nd edition by Debbie and Randy Coe.  
Schiffer publishing 2004.

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Candlewick was made by Imperial Glass Company