Information on Coin
Glass by Fostoria
Coin Glass was made by the Fostoria Glass Company during the
years of 1957 to 1982.  Coin Glass was designed by a U. S. Glass
pattern that had been made earlier.  Coin Glass has embossed
coins which makes the pattern.  Four of the pieces have gold
gilding on the crystal coins.  They are the covered cigarette box,
wedding box, candy jar and the decanter.  These pieces are higher
in price than the plain crystal pieces.  There are two versions of
Coin.  Avon Coin was produced by Fostoria for the Avon
Company.  They were given to their workers as a reward.  The
Canadian Coin was designed by Fostoria for Canada’s 100 year
Commemoration from 1867 to 1967.  The colors for the Coin glass
are ruby, blue, emerald green, olive green, amber and crystal.  
There are many reproductions out there today.  The colors for the
reproductions are green, blue, crystal and red.  Both the blue and
the emerald green are not like the original colors, so they are easy
to spot.  
This information for this article was taken from the Elegant Glass
Book by Debbie and Randy Coe.

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