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Fenton Art Glass Company was founded in Martins Ferry, Ohio, by
Frank  L. Fenton and his brother John Fenton.  They began making
glassware in July 1905.   It is now located in Williamstown, West
Virginia.  Fenton has made a large variety of collectible glassware
throughout all the years, including carnival glass.  The beautiful colors
that they used were made by combining the combination of metallic
salts.  The colors they produced were: blue, green, amber, orange, pink,
black, amethyst, milk opal, cranberry, and opalescent.  
The history of Fenton Glassware is so very interesting.  They survived
two world wars, the great Depression, and then a large decline in the
industry itself.   In the early 1970’s, they opened the gift shop, and
they founded the Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America and the
Fenton Museum.  So the Fenton story will be preserved for many years
to come.  If you like to read about the ups and downs of this famous
glassware company, I recommend the three paper back books written
by William Heacock.  They are called Fenton Glass The First Twenty-
Five years, Fenton Glass The Second Twenty-Five Years, and Fenton
Glass The Third Twenty-Five Years.  It begins by explaining how they
started this company with $284.86, and goes on telling how it has
expanding all these 104 years.  Fenton Glass is still one of our best
sellers when we do Antique shows and at our antique store  which is
located in Dillard, Georgia.  It has become a big favorite of mine since
there are so many different patterns and large variety of unique items.
Resource: This information was taken from the three paperback books,
Fenton Glass, the First 25 years, Second 25 years & the Third 25 years,
written by William Heacock, in 1989.

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