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Franciscan Apple
The Apple pattern in Franciscan was first introduced in 1940.  It
was and still is one of the most loved patterns of Franciscan.  It is
usually priced 10% higher than the Desert Rose pattern.  The
dishes are on a cream background with apples hand painted on
each piece.  Green leaves really brighten the pottery.  There is
also a brown boarder around the outside of each piece. The brown
is used for the branches that the red apples are sitting on. There
are several apple items that are really scarce.  The Franciscan
Apple ginger jar and the jug and also any of the covered boxes fit
in this category.  

The Apple article was written with the help of the Dinnerware
Book of the 20th. Century:  The Top 500 Patterns by Harry L.
Rinker in 1997.    

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