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Franciscan Desert Rose
Franciscan Desert Rose was first made in the end of 1941 and the
beginning of 1942.  Desert Rose is the best selling dinnerware
pattern in the United States.  The rose is the bloom on this
dinnerware. It is hand painted with green leaves and an olive
green around the outside edge of the items.  This olive green is
also the color of the branches that the rose is on.  Even though
the rose is thought of being from the Midwest, the dishes were
named Desert Rose so people would connect it to California and
the Franciscan Company.  It is still made in China.  You can still
buy Desert Rose in Belk’s and Macy’s.  

The information for the Desert Rose article was obtained from the
Dinnerware Book of the 20th. Century: The Top 500 Patterns by
Harry L. Rinker in 1997.

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