Information on
Fostoria Navarre
Navarre was made by the Fostoria Glass Company from 1937 to
1980.  It is the most collected pattern of all the crystal etchings made
by Fostoria.  It was made about 40 years.  In the beginning Fostoria
Navarre was made only in crystal.  Then they made it in the colors
pink and blue in the 70’s and 80’s.  You can tell if it is Fostoria
Navarre by looking for the upside bouquet of flowers inside a scrolled
horse shoe.  The etching is #327.  If you are looking for a silver plate
pattern to match your Navarre you will find that Community Silver
made a pattern called Coronation that matches the Navarre etching.  
This article was written with the help of the Elegant Glass Book by
Debbie and Randy Coe.

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Fostoria Navarre produced by the Fostoria Glass Company