Information on
Heisey Orchid
Heisey introduced its new etching, Orchid in 1940.  By April 1941
the company knew it had a success.  The pressed pieces were made
on the blanks of Queen Ann and Waverly patterns.  They also made
some bar ware and many different vases.  The Heisey Orchid pattern
was advertised in many women’s magazines.  By 1943, one of
advertisement called Orchid “The most popular on the market”.  
During the early 1950’s the Orchid continued growing.  Many pieces
were added, especially in the Waverly pattern.  In 1957 the Heisey
factory closed.  The Imperial Glass corporation of Bellaire, Ohio
continued to fill the existing orders.  Many people started collections
with a few inherited pieces and add matching items as they can.  
There always seem to be more collectors of Heisey’s Orchid than
there are pieces available.  The etching was produced for over 17
years, all pieces are sought by collectors.  The rare and unusual
pieces bring very high prices.  People are still buying Orchid today
just like the brides did long ago.  I wrote this article with the help of
the paperback pamphlet called Heisey’s Orchid Etching by Neila
Bredehoft written in 1983.

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