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"Kitchen Prayer
The Enesco importing company located in Elk Grove, Illinois
marketed a line of kitchen novelties in 1960’s that they called
“Mother in the Kitchen.”  Today they call them “Kitchen Prayer
Ladies.”  Some of these are hard to find.  Each one looks like a
“Mother” and is wearing a long white apron with a prayer on it.  
She usually has on a pink dress, but if you find one in blue it is
harder to find and is more valuable. You can add 30% to 50%
more in price if it is a blue dress.  If you find a dress that is white
with a blue trim you can add 10% and 20%.  These novelty items
are made in Japan.  Some of the items that were made are spoon
holders, s & p shakers, sugar & creamer, spoon rest, soap dish,
toothpick holder, teapot, & bell.  

The information for this article was taken from The Garage Sale &
Flea Market Annual book, the 12th. Edition.  

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"Mother in the Kitchen”  now known as “Kitchen Prayer Ladies”