Information on
Rosepoint by Cambridge
Cambridge Rosepoint is the most popular of all the Cambridge
etchings.  Rosepoint was made during the years 1935-1954.  It
has very pretty roses surrounding a medallion with more roses.  
Rosepoint was called the Wedding Crystal as many brides picked
out this pattern for their wedding pattern.  It is a pattern that has
many many different items.  Most people only collect the crystal
but it does come in a few different colors.   The other colors are
ebony, amber, ruby and crown tuscan.  Some of the Rosepoint
pieces have gold trim on the edges.  The Cambridge Company was
founded in 1901 in Cambridge, Ohio and closed in 1958.  

The information for this article was taken from The Elegant Glass
Book Early, Depression, And Beyond written by Debbie and
Randy Coe.

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Cambridge Rosepoint produced by Cambridge Glass Company