Information on
Roseville Pottery
Roseville Pottery Company was established in 1892 by George F.
Young in Roseville, Ohio.  In 1898 the company moved to
Zanesville, Ohio.  Some of the early Roseville pottery has a
Oriental theme.  Pinecone and Blackberry were made during the
middle years 1933 & 1936.  The floral lines were made during the
later years and the have become highly collectible.  The animals
and portraits bring higher prices than the floral designs.  If the
artist has signed the piece it will bring a higher price.  The market
has become flooded with pieces from China that are coming into
our country.  Most people can detect these fakes.   Some of the
pieces are marked “Roseville” while others have a paper label and
still others have an “R” mark on the bottom.  Some pieces have an
identification  number on the bottom.  

This information was taken from the Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide
the 26th. Edition

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