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Shelley China
In 1872 Joseph Shelley became partners with James Wileman
creating Wileman & Co. in Stoke-on-Trent England.  Wileman
withdrew from the partnership and in 1925 it became know as
Shelley Potteries, Ltd.  Like many nineteenth-century English
potteries, this firm continued to produce household items and
dinnerware of considerable note.  In 1966 Allied English Potteries
acquired control of the Shelley Company, and by 1967 the last of
the exquisite Shelley China had been produced.  In 1971 Allied
English Potteries merged with the Doulton group.

Excerpts of the article have been taken from the Schroeder's
Antiques Price Guide Twenty-Sixth Edition  copyright 2008.

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