Information on Watt
Between the years 1922 to 1935 Watt Pottery manufactured
stoneware containers in Crooksville, Ohio.  They started to
manufacture kitchen ware from 1935 to 1965.  Some of the most
popular patterns are Apple, Starflower, Rooster, Tulip, Autumn
Foliage, and Pansy.  Apple is the most popular pattern.  Originally
the Apple had three leaves. And after 1958 they used two leaves.  
So you can tell how old your apple piece is by counting the
leaves.  Some of the kitchen ware is: mixing bowls, cookie jar,
covered casseroles, spaghetti bowls, plates, pitchers, bean pots,
and dinnerware sets.  The Watt pottery was hand painted with
red, green, or blue which contrasts with the yellowish tan of the
base.  On October 4, 1965 fire completely destroyed the factory
and the warehouse.  They never rebuilt the company, but people
are still collecting this pottery and are excited when they find that
special piece that they are looking for.  Sue and Dave Morris’s
book on Identification and Value Guide of Watt Pottery was very
helpful in written this article.  This book was written in 1993.

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